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Mj Reacts to Historic Emmy Nomination: “I Finally Feel Seen”

Mj Rodriguez Reacts To Historic Emmy Nomination For ‘Pose’: “I Finally Feel Seen”

DEADLINE – Mj Rodriguez made history on Tuesday, becoming the first transgender performer to be nominated in a major category for her portrayal of nurse Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista in FX’s highly lauded Pose. Through tears, Rodriguez talks of the impact of the accolade with Deadline.

“I’m feeling so many emotions. I’m feeling joy, and I’m feeling accomplished. I finally feel seen,” the Afro-Latinx star said during a phone call from France. “My uncle passed away, and I feel like I am celebrating him because I feel like he had his hands on me and the cast of Pose. I’m a girl hailing from Northern New Jersey who had dreams and aspirations like Whitney Houston, child. I never thought this could happen for me. I told myself no matter what happens, I’m going to keep going and never stop.”

She continued: “I’m grateful that people can really see my human existence and they can see what I have to offer the world through art. I love what I do and that I represent every intersectionality of my being a trans artist who identifies as a woman and being Black and Latina. That goes to show what the human condition can do and what having fight looks like. A piece of that fight has been won finally for a whole new generation who are of many colors and from different walks of life. I hope through my win they see that they can do it too.”
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